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ashkenazi food
Ashkenazi Cooking

What many consider as “Jewish food” in the western part of the world are mainly Ashkenazi recipes from Europe, mostly Eastern Europe. Chopped herring or gefilte fish – just to mention two – are originated from this part of the Globe. During mass emigrations in the last thousand years Jews from these countries (from Germany to Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Poland and Austro-Hungary) shared those mostly kosher recipes across the world, from the USA till Australia.  These Jewish recipes are mainly the recipes of the poor, peasant people, however with French and Italian influence, some are considered as the meal of the high(er) society.

Amazing enough, most Jewish recipes have German origins, as this was the area where Jews were living in Europe from the earliest times. Later on – in fear of crusades - a migration started towards the East, so German taste mixed with Eastern European traditions, mostly Slavic influence.

In the coming weeks we will focus more on this era, sharing recipes and running articles on the life of these Jewish communities, back then and today.


Grand Opening jfoodmag.com
Grand Opening

Welcome to jfoodmag.com – The Jewish Food Magazine!

We have just started, just made the first few steps of a hopefully long and happy journey. A journey not alone, but in good company: with you Dear Reader!

What this magazine is all about? It is about us. Our history, our religion, our food and life in general. I strongly believe these are all connected and from them food is the best element to reveal the others. It is the connection. Show me what you eat and I tell you who you are!

You will find here traditional and modern recipes. Strictly kosher recipes and meals from other cultures, too (staying within basic kashrut). I plan to take you to a voyage all around the world! It does not matter if in the kitchen you are a rookie or a pro. Join us as we go and taste the world! We learn together!

What else do we plan? Remember what this magazine in about? It is about us. We will share and learn together not only recipes or how to cook, but also our history and religion. We discuss the big questions of life, but also the nuances like how to connect your smart phone to your car’s onboard computer. If that can be called a nuance…

This magazine can be popular, fresh, vivid and interesting or intellectually stimulating, still achieved nothing if a good community is missing. Remember? It is about us! Write, share, comment, discuss, argue, make friends! All good people are welcome here!