Basic Kosher

Basic Kosher

basic kosher rules

Being a Jew is a complicated thing. Even eating right is not easy. Such a simple thing as eating has been elected into higher levels, into morality. There are rules coming from the Bible that were further extended in the Talmud. What to eat, what no to eat, how to prepare and store your food, etc.

There are at least three main rules for a Kosher food. First of all there are clean and unclean animals (Moses V. 14.). Unclean e.g. is a pig, camel, horse or hare. Clean animals are the beef, winged animals, lamb or goat. From the waters everything is clean that has scales and flappers.

The second important rule is the rule of blood (Moses V. 12:16. However, you must not eat blood – pour it out on the ground like water.). The Law orders to put the meat into water for 30 minutes and into salt for 1 hour (salt extracts blood). After that it must be washed 3 times. The animal must be slaughtered with one cut in order to minimize the suffering.

The third important rule is the law of separating meat and milk (Moses V. 14:21. Do not boil a young goat in its mother’s milk.). Based on this comes the custom of separating not only the food itself, but also the dishes, cooking appliances, tools, etc.

Today most Jews do not follow all these rules, but very many do keep at least the rule of kosher animals (regardless of the slaughtering).